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Stereo 3D In-Depth

"The main concept behind producing 3D glasses is to give the gamer a more realistic experience."

As we take a look into the hopefully near but probably distant future, let's view what exactly this technology is, how it functions, and who uses it. The main concept behind producing 3D glasses is to give the gamer a more realistic experience. To do this, these glasses must affect the person's depth perception. The reason being, is that the more depth in the game, the more realistic the game appears. The Ultimate effect is for someone to go back to playing a game, that they thought was graphically behind the times and now say, WOW! I.e. spending more time playing a game one ruled too old or easy just to see new effects. This is a small start in a technology that I hope will certainly expand. The company's who currently make these glasses like to refer to it as a more realistic and swash-buckling gaming experience (well maybe I exaggerated a little :). This is hardly the case at least now. What it will do is for a short time gives you a different perspective of games that you were not used to. This is implemented fairly well considering this technology is in it infancy at least for computers. It will be many years before those expensive VR glasses and ware become affordable and available to average people with computer (if they ever do).

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