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"We currently use a maximum of 256x256 textures since most older cards only support this size."

KP: Will it support Hardware T & L?

DJ: On our character system, yes, on our levels, no. In my opinion this is simply because Hardware T&L sucks in comparison with real bumpmapped phong. Instead of creating specific hardware that takes away the control from the developers, hardware manufacturers should combine their forces and create a standard for on-3D-chip programmable CPU's to enable programmers to create their own lighting and textures asynchronous with the main CPU. All this is of course only my humble opinion. :-)

KP: Do you plan on releasing a demo to the public?

DJ: Yes, but details will have to wait until we have signed up with a publisher since they might have something to say on the subject.

KP: What is the scheduled release date for the game?

DJ: Late 2000. Nothing more specific at the moment for the simple reason mentioned above; our publisher should have something to say about it first.

KP: What is the biggest size of textures that it will use?

DJ: We currently use a maximum of 256x256 textures since most older cards only support this size. All art is done in 512x512 and higher so we will include support for these greater resolution textures soon though. I might add on the subject that we will add fractal detail on textures in the future to enable players to go really close to surfaces and still get a crisp pixel-to-pixel resolution on everything.

This question is btw kind of invalid for Blitz - Disc Arena since our BDA - Engine creates unique textures on the fly for each and every polygon seen in the levels. If polygons use greater than 256x256 textures we automatically slice them to the correct size on the spot (subdividing). This feature will enable virtually any resolution we want, depending only on the video memory available and the original artwork resolution.

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