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"An online league with ladders and a world ranking is a paramount design issue on our side."

KP: Will it have on-line multiplayer capability?

DJ: Yes of course. This is one of the most important parts of the game in my mind. An online league with ladders and a world ranking is a paramount design issue on our side. Global statistics with lots of information like the world's best player, the world's worst player, bloodiest match, etc will also be available to increase the experience for the online communities.

KP: How many modes of gameplay are there?

DJ: A great many actually, we will support such modes as League play, Last Man Standing, Capture The Disc, Gib-Disc and many more. We also discuss the possibility of scripted gameplay to enable players to come up with their own crazy multiplayer games with any rules they want.

KP: Are you planning to release expansion packs or sequels to this game?

DJ: This is something we haven't discussed as yet and will depend on sales etc I would guess.

KP: How far is the game completed at this point? Is it on schedule?

DJ: Design is ready and core engine technology is in place. We are currently adding the gameplay itself and are also searching for a publisher for our game. So far the game has only slipped a week or so after our initial schedule but now we are at a point when we need a publisher for setting our future milestones.

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