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"Our goal was to make this game as scalable as possible."

KP: What kind of system will this game need since we can expect to have nv20's and 1ghz processors on the market by then?

DJ: Our goal was to make this game as scalable as possible. This was a major issue when designing the BDA-Engine and the game will be enjoyable on most computers both today and when it ships. We actually aimed for the high-end market with our features but the game will be playable on any 3D accelerated card out there when ready.

KP: How customizable is the game? Can you create your own player?

DJ: Since multiplayer is very important for us we decided early on to include as many customizable aspects as possible for players. Players are created and can be edited in many ways. Skins can be exchanged; team logos can be edited and will change accordingly in your home arena. Player attributes will also change the appearance of your team; greater strength and stamina in your defensive players will increase their bulk and size and greater agility will make your attackers slimmer and faster.

KP: Will there be hidden teams in the final version?

DJ: Maybe but we won't tell you just yet. :-)

KP: What type of consumer are you targeting this game at?

DJ: The same people enjoying high-paced action games such as Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena. And of course anyone remembering the good old days of Speedball on the Amiga will also enjoy this game as well.

KP: Since you created this game to get away from all the FPS, what do you think of Unreal Tournament and Quake 3:Arena?

DJ: UT is real fun in multiplayer and I must say I enjoy it immensely. It's real fun to team play against hordes of bots. I have yet to play Q3A though. We could have made Blitz something competing with both UT and Q3A but we really wanted to do something new and fresh instead, something with a little twist but with the same sense of action and fun.

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