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"Will this game be bloody realistic and feature lots of gore?"

KP: What are the main advantages of the BDA Engine versus other engines currently on the market? The disadvantages?

DJ: The two main advantages are the visual quality and sharpness produced and the fact that it is a 100% customized engine for our specific demands. We wanted a number of features that would be unavailable or extremely hard to do in other engines. A disadvantage is of course the fact that it has taken us years to develop and it has still some way to go before reaching the finishing line.

KP: Will this game be bloody realistic and feature lots of gore?

DJ: We will try to get the violence as realistic as possible but will probably add some sort of option to tune it down for the timid souls out there. Gore is something we haven't tried to apply as yet but we will see if it works in this kind of close combat game.

Random Questions

KP: For the people out there who think they know what exactly an "engine" is, can you give us the scoop on what it does?

DJ: An engine is basically the inner core of a game, what makes it run. With well thought out engine technology in the center of a game, more games can be made with less work, and changes are easier to add, even after a game ships. An engine can include lots of different stuff, like sound, graphics and network routines but also things like scripting and game AI.

KP: Do you plan to open offices in the U.S.A?

DJ: Not as yet although we might want to move to another country in the future since taxes in Sweden are horrible.

KP: Do European and Asian gamers differ from American gamers?

DJ: I would say that Asian gamers differ and European gamers do not. Asian gamers, Japanese in particular live in quite another culture than the European / American gamers. To take an example, women play more computer games than men over there, or so I've read.

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