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"Microsoft is the company everyone loves to hate. It is popular to hate them and so I don't."

KP: What do you think is the hardest part of creating a game?

DJ: To reach the finish line. I've noticed before that the last ten percent of a project takes ninety percent of the time to complete.

KP: Do you think that bad games sell well because of good marketing? And vice versa?

DJ: I'm sure many bad games sell much more because of good marketing but I also think it is an exception not a rule. And good games usually stand out of the crowd regardless of marketing.

KP: Do you think that violence in video games has anything to do with real life shootings?

DJ: This is hard to say. I think it's silly to state that people train or even learn how to shoot by playing computer games. Games are made to make an impression, much like but not to the same degree as movies though. This might make impressionable and already sick people step over the line. Who knows?

KP: What is your opinion on the Government's trial against Microsoft? Is it a waist of time?

DJ: Yes. Microsoft is the company everyone loves to hate. It is popular to hate them and so I don't. :-) I think they have done a great job by setting a standard for application and game developers. They might not be the best ones to set this standard but any standard is better than none.

by Kevin Perko

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