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"Is a DK2 add-on or sequel your next project? If not what is?"

KP: What Video Card produces the best images quality for DK2?

DA: We've seen great performance from the TNT2 and Voodoo3, but ultimately you don't need the latest and greatest video card to enjoy DK2. We're currently looking into supporting bump mapping for cards that will support it.

KP: What do you think is the future of games (graphics and realism wise)?

DA: I don't think I'd be surprising anyone if I told you I foresaw a future where online gaming was more prominent. In terms of graphics and realism I think we'll see great advances in both the amount of polygons we can put in an object, and the way that we can get it to react and move. We have a team at Bullfrog working in these areas to ensure that we're making the most of the machine specs we'll be working on.

KP: Is a DK2 add-on or sequel your next project? If not what is?

DA: I have a team who's only remit is to create cool add-ons and extras for DK2.

Speedy 3D would like to thank David Armor of Bullfrog for taking the time to do this interview with us.

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