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"Were any features added to DK2 because of user feedback?"

KP: If you are planning a sequel are you developing a new engine for it?

DA: To be decided.

KP: How long(hrs./days) did it take to make one level(on DK2) from blank screen to retail version level that people are playing today?

DA: When we first started making levels it took quite a while as the team wasn't familiar with the Editor, the game was still being written and there were bugs in the game which made the levels hard to balance. Now that we have a solid game, we are able to create a map from scratch in about 2 days. This includes a period for test group feedback.

KP: Were any features added to DK2 because of user feedback?

DA: I think the design team working on DK2 had a good idea of what the user would like, and I think that has proven to be the case. Looking forward we will be asking people what they liked and didn't like and using this information to shape future downloads.

KP: Has DK2 been as big of success as you had hoped or bigger?

DA: We had a good idea that it was going to be a success before we launched. We did a lot of focus testing and the reaction was generally very positive. As to how much of a success it is remains to be seen. A lot of a games success is gauged by it's staying power.

KP: Can you explain the multi-player (features, why it is fun, how it works etc.) of DK2 to our readers?

DA: In the Single Player Campaign we teach the player how to use the various traps, spells, terrain and creatures. In Multiplayer we give the player a chance to try their single player strategies against other human players. Already that makes for a compelling gameplay experience. Additionally, we give the player a number of different scenarios to play under (e.g. capture the flag) and every gameplay mechanic we could think of is available as an option. On top of that we've thrown in a lot of cool features when you posses a creature. The Vampire is an office favorite - you can turn yourself into a bat and covertly scope out the enemies dunge

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