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David Armor on Dungeon Keeper 2

"What was your role in the development of DK2?"

Just recently Speedy 3D's own Kevin Perko has had the chance to speak with David Armor on Bullfrog's latest hit, Dungeon Keeper 2. Here's what David Armor had to say:

Kevin Perko: Is this the first game you have produced, if not what are the others?

David Armor: I have worked on a number of games including Space Hulk on a number of platforms.

KP: What was your role in the development of DK2?

DA: I managed the Level Design group, which encompassed other areas such as the stats.

KP: How long was the game in development for?

DA: Around 20 months.

KP: How many people were involved in making DK2?

DA: It varied. The core team was about 30, but we commandeered the help of other Bullfrog departments in the push to go final.

KP: Are you planning an add-on pack for DK2?

DA: We're planning a number of extra bolt ons for DK2. They will probably be available via free downloads.

KP: Are you planning a sequel for DK2? If so it will be called??

DA: We have a team looking at where we should take DK next, but details are to be decided.

KP: What engine did you build DK2 on?

DA: The engine is something Bullfrog has been working on for a couple of years. We're primarily using D3D to put the polygons on the screen once we've processed them.

KP: Will any patches be released for DK2?If so what will they fix?

DA: We will be releasing an update that fixes some minor bugs and includes some gameplay tweaks e.g. the ability to continue playing once you've won a level.

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