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Mikael Lindgren on Reborn

"Nerve lab's current project is a first person shooter style game, Reborn."

I have had the pleasure of being able to conduct an interview with Mikael Lindgren of Nerve lab software. Nerve lab's current project is a first person shooter style game, Reborn. Not due out for a while, this game looks awesome, and could very well be the next half-life. Also, at the end of the interview, don't forget to check out the cool screenshots. Here we go:

Ryan Wissman: Nerve lab is a fairly new company right? Are you guys all pretty new at the game development scene, or are you all veterans?

Mikael Lindgren: Yes, we’re new at the scene. We started for a year ago and Reborn is our first project. I’ve been doing games before but those were mainly multimedia productions, educational stuff and so on. The only way for us to get into the 3D gaming industry was to start up our own company. Obviously there’s a lot to learn, that’s also what makes it fun. But it’s not easy to get respect when you’re such a small company as we are, even though our stuff looks way better than a lot of other games on the market. I think our company name rather well reflects what we’re into right now…

RW: Reborn looks awesome. Explain to me a little bit about what exactly this game is all about.

ML: Well, it’s actually a mix of different game genres but with an emphasis on first person action. The idea is really to liberate the player, giving the possibilities of moving freely in the world of Reborn. So, apart from the traditional walking and running in tunnels or whatever, you’ll drive different vehicles, and even do some air combat. You’ll take the role as "Jason Black", a guy who’s been in the "cryofreezer" for quite some time. You’ll get mission briefings throughout the game by different informers and you’ll need to solve them as good as you can. That means, using your weapons and brains when needed.

RW: Is this game purely a first person shooter, or are there other genre's elements added into the game?

ML: As explained above we’re trying to blend different genres into a nice mix. I personally get a bit bored sometimes when I have to do/play the same stuff all the time. So why not break up the game into episodes and use all sorts of gameplay?

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