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"The gameplay in Hostile is immense."

Ques2) When we saw HW at ECTS it was indeed looking very polished, since then have there been any BIG changes that might be worth a mention or two?

Martin: At present it's all about the level design. I saw the product last week, and it has progressed a great deal over the past couple of months. Some of the new movies (all narrated by Tom Baker) have been implemented and the game is coming together.

Ques3) How does the Gameplay Evolve in Hostile Waters? Is it just a matter of being able to control new units over different landscapes or is there something more?

Martin: The gameplay in Hostile is immense. There is so many vehicles open to the player to control + the tactical side which can take a while to plan out. I think everyone who plays it will be impressed. It's the best game I've seen on the PC for some time.

Ques4) What type of gamer is HW being aimed at?

Martin: The true PC Gamer who loves the combination of action and strategy.

Ques5) If we remember rightly there were rumours at ECTS that a possible sequel to HW was or would soon be in production. The idea being to expand the gameplay in general and address such issues as not having 'troops' or being able to build secondary bases, how much of this is true, if any?

Martin: The lads are just concentrating on finishing Hostile at the moment. No definite plans have been made for a sequel although you never know……..

Ques6) Finally, when can we expect to see HW in our local stores?

Martin: Sometime towards the end of this year.

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