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"Incoming Forces will be aimed at a wide audience."

Ques3) Are we likely to see a more impressively presented plot and what exactly is the plot?

Martin: The plot is more substantial than the original and it goes a bit like this…… Set 20 years after the first Incoming game, Earth has now discovered the secret of sustainable long distance space travel. Their forces are gathered and seeking to destroy all hostile races - in particular four alien planets in a small galaxy that is now the player's job to defend. The objective of the game is simple yet hugely challenging - complete all of the missions successfully and then endure a massive final battle sequence with Earth's forces and thus save the alien world's you are there to protect.

Ques4) Is there anything specific that is going to make IF stand out from the crowd, other than the graphics of course?

Martin: Graphically is the obvious interest in Incoming Forces, but the gameplay will be much more substantial than it was in Incoming. Gamers cannot be sold on graphics along (although it does help!) so the strategic elements in the game will be worth the wait. Although I heard Scott Johnson (lead designer) saying he "will have bigger explosions than there were in Expendable".

Ques5) What type of gamer is IF being aimed at?

Martin: Incoming Forces will be aimed at a wide audience. The true gamers will the love the tactics and strategy side. Casual gamers will be able to take part in a quick arcade game where they can blast away until they are satisfied!

Ques6) Finally, when can we expect to see this sugarcoated bundle of love hit the shelves?

Martin: We are looking for a release in Q4 this year, so it's going to be a little wait until you can get your hands on this gem!

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