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"Will the game support any processor enhancements such as 3D Now! or SSE?"

KP:Will the game be powered by hardware acceleration? will it feature a software acceleration mode?

SM: At the moment it is hardware accelerated 3D only, using OpenGL to access the latest 3D graphics hardware (just like Quake-3). There may be a software fallback mode, but it's uncertain at the moment. Even very old 3D hardware such as the Rage-PRO and the Permedia-2 will run the game though.

KP: Will the game support Glide?

SM: No, but 3DFX's OpenGL drivers have gotten rather good lately.

KP: Will the game support any processor enhancements such as 3D Now! or SSE?

SM: Yes, through OpenGL drivers that are optimized for those chipsets

KP: What video card that you have tested runs the game with the best image quality? What Video Cards have you tested?

SM: The Riva-TNT has by far the best 16-bit image quality I've ever seen, though once you get to 32-bits there probably isn't much difference. We've tried to test the game on as many 3D cards as possible, and feedback so far is that just about every card under the sun works well.

KP: Do you expect the game to go gold in the next three months?

SM: The next 3 months is a possibility.

KP: What inspired you to make a tank-racing game and not a first person shooter?

SM: Back when we came up with the idea, there were zero tank racing games, and too many first person shooters to count. Who wants to do the same old thing as everyone else? :) (Well, a lot of everyone elses, I suppose!)

Speedy 3D would like to thank Seumas for taking the time to do this interview with us!

by Kevin Perko

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