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"Will their be any special courses designed for multi-player?"

KP: Will you let people make their own custom color tanks for multi-player?

SM: We're not sure how we'll deal with skins in multi-player, we may use some form of customizable flags that the tanks will fly from their antennas.

KP: Will you ever hold multi-player tournaments?

SM: Hard to say at this point. It sort of depends on the fan reaction.

KP: Will their be any special courses designed for multi-player?

SM: Some will have multi-player in mind more than racing, yes, but all the maps should work well for both.

KP: Do you have high hopes for multi-player? Do you think it will be a big hit?

SM: I'm not betting the game on multi-player, but I know from playing it that it is fun to run around and blast other people driving tanks.

KP :Are there any special features that are in the game because of user input?

SM: People haven't suggested that many new features so far, they've mostly just commented on things we are planning to improve anyway. The mini-map was one feature that was suggested by testers early on though, and was a very good addition.

KP: What OS(s) will TreadMarks be made for?

SM: Windows 95/98/NT at first, though a Mac port is likely, and possibly Linux as well as the OpenGL driver issue stabilizes.

KP: Do you have any other game planned after TreadMarks?

SM: No definite plans, but I would like to use the Tread Marks terrain engine in future projects, perhaps having to do with hovering attack vehicles or anime-style mecha.

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