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Seumas McNally on treadmarks part 2

"Here is the second part of our 2 part interview."

Here is the second part of our 2 part interview with the lead programmer of treadmarks, Seumas McNally.

KP: Will the game feature any multi-player?

SM: Yes, free for all and team based multi-player will be included, with LAN and modem support.

KP: Can you please describe the multi-player features it will have? Like will it have something besides Deathmatch?

SM: You will be able to play multi-player in both the Race and Battle Match modes, and if we have time we may add capture the flag and other interesting team games.

KP: Have you spent time to optimize the network code so high ping players can play on-line too?

SM: I haven't worked on modem optimizations yet, but with the high inertia the tanks have I expect high pings won't cause too much of a problem.

KP: What Service are you using for the multi-player part of the game? Or are you using your own?

SM: We'll probably use the Quake model, with dedicated servers that anyone can run, and some form of master server to list them all.

KP: Will their be an in-game option like in Starcraft where you can log into forums where thousands of people are waiting to play?

SM: That would be nice, but I imagine the game won't be quite as popular as Star Craft, at least at first. :)

KP: Will you just let people set up their own servers and let other people find them?

SM: Yes, that will be an option.

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