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"Back to the gameplay and as with all AITD games, it's very much about exploration and adventure."

Sounds pretty damn spooky to me!

Back to the gameplay and as with all AITD games, it's very much about exploration and adventure. Much crossing items with others to form the magic key or trying to get a set of power switches in the right combination to turn on the lights are bound to show up somewhere. Unlike the originals though, you can't expect to be clutching a shotgun. Instead you're armed only with your fists and legs as well as a handy torch that plays an essential part in exploring the dark mansion.

But before you scream at the developers, take note that the UV light from the torch does a good job of cooking the head on any zombie (Mmm tastes like chicken). There's a lot still unknown about AITD4 and no doubt more information will surface as the months roll steadily by. The developers don't plan on letting the game out of their sight until they are happy that it does the job intended, this could mean the October release date might end up a little shaky.

Other such worries surround the choice of locale in the fourth incarnation, it's not as if we haven't seen enough haunted mansions to last a lifetime. Or for that matter zombies, 'mutated humans' as they prefer to be called. However like it or not Speedy3D will keep its eye open and cast upon the publishers, constantly waiting for more news. Expect a review before 2001, we hope.

Developer - DarkWorks
Publisher - Infogrames
Website - http://www.infogrames.com
Release Date - Q4-2000

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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