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"Darkworks have even gone so far as modeling realistic emotional responses into Carnby."

Yeah but what of the story?

Fair enough, a game can't go on a quality engine, graphics and sound alone, gameplay is required. The plot behind this fourth incarnation sees our old friend 'Edward Carnby' who is a paranormal investigating, once again hunting around a spooky mansion. However AITD4 would have to be the first game with an almost totally dynamic plot line, the rout of your game is decided by how you react to situations.

Darkworks have even gone so far as modeling realistic emotional responses into Carnby. What this means is that depending how you play or how the game thinks your playing, different situations will arise, the outcomes of which can be effected by your mood as well as circumstance. You could be brave and go in guns blazing, this would cause monsters to fearfully back away. Or, play the coward and watch as monsters stampede in your direction.

This is something that has never been done before and at this stage is very much 'trial and error' as to whether it'll work. Instead of battling against the odds you might also end up battling against yourself in order to get your character in the right frame of mind. We can't help but imagine the fun that could be had while trying to get Carnby to turn into a fearless table dancer at the local Zombie brothel.

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