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"NovaLogic have set a tentive release period of Q3-2000..."

Five men and their guns

As well as a totally reworked engine, sounds and textures, new models and equipment are also being added in for extra choice and decision-making. As before your man can only carry so much, the ability to choose the right tools for the job is still just as essential as it always was.


Thanks to much deeper collaboration between the military and NovaLogic, it looks like DFLW could be getting much more than just rough versions of the real weaponry and equipment. In fact the team have been allowed privileged access not least because the military intends to use the game as a training simulator, so it's in their best interests to help out - can't train the military on quake can you, can you?

With everything from laser range finders to head mounted displays, DFLW certainly looks as though it'll be packed full of polygon goodness. It doesn't stop there though, nope, you also get voice over net technology and vastly improved multiplayer modes and environments thanks to the new engine.

Little else is known about the game at this point, only that NovaLogic have set a tentive release period of Q3-2000, we'd surmise Q4-2000 to be more realistic.

*Update* The sales of DeltaForce2 are actually far better than the first incarnation, however DF2 remains a very underrated game by far from many publications.

Visit http://www.landwarrior.com for more shots/details!

Developer - NovaLogic
Website - http://www.novalogic.com
Release Date - Q3-2000 (Q4 = More Realistic)

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

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