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"Often considered the second most important component to keep cool in your system, a hot video card can cause poor 2D image quality..."

Specific Points

1. The graphics card

Often considered the second most important component to keep cool in your system, a hot video card can cause poor 2D image quality, gaming lock ups, and even can lead to burning out your card period. Since output is such an essential component in computing, keeping your video card safe should be a high priority. Even if you do not, nor plan to overclock your video card, you should take note to keep it cool. The 2CoolPC is designed to have a stream of cold air blow directly on the underside of video cards. This works as for an excellent cooling solution, as most recent video cards have the chipset place on the bottom side, put it right in the path of the nice cool stream of air. While not all video cards have the ram on the bottom as well, the ones that do will benefit from the same cool air, as the chipset.

2. The Chipset

Your chipset controls almost all of the elements on your motherboard in one-way or another. If the chipset overheats, nothing short of a hard reboot will save you. While most chipsets generally do not generate a lot of heat, it does not hurt to be safe. While lots of motherboards have heatsinks on the chipset, I have yet to see a chipset heatsink with a fan on it as well. This prevents the heatsink from staying cool itself, and thus degrading from its total cool properties. The 2CoolPC performs the same act as a heatsink-fan would, by blowing hot air away from the heatsink. Thus allowing it to remain cooler.

3. System Ram

Until recently, the idea of cooling your ram was foreign to many people. System ram has never been known to generate a lot of heat. Recent tests have shown that cooling system ram can lead to higher stability, at high fsb's.

4. The CPU

The CPU is the most important component to cool in a computer system. This is not only important for the processor's life span, but it also leads to more stability at higher clock speeds. The 2coolPC is designed, so that the same stream of air that hits the chipset and ram, blows across the CPU and is sucked out the powersupply fan. This keeps the hot air that is dispersed via the heatsink, away from the CPU and out of the case itself.

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