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"A detailed printout of how to install the 2coolPC is supplied with the product."


A detailed printout of how to install the 2coolPC is supplied with the product. While the concept is easy, and painless, it does not work flawlessly in all situations. Often times if a case does not have enough depth, the plastic ducting needs to be trimmed so that it will fit and not interfere with PCI cards. It is designed to sit as far back as possible, held in place with supplied Velcro dots. If you have a large card, the only solution is getting out the scissors.


Test system

  • P3-600E @ 800, 1.75v
  • Abit BF6
  • Generic PC133, Cas3 SDRAM
  • Leadtek Geforce2 GTS
  • Monster SoundCard
  • Antec 300w PSU


For idle tests, the system was left for an hour in order to ensure completely idle temperatures. Temps were then measured five times at thirty-second intervals. For Full load temps regarding the chipset, and CPU temperature, Distributed.net was run for an hour and temps were measured at five times at thirty-second intervals and then averaged together. Geforce full load temps were measured using the same method, after an hour of Quake III demo001 loops.

As the graphs show, the 2coolPC didn't have a huge effect on the chipset temperature. Only shaving one Celsius off the full load temperature.

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