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Addtronics 6890A

"It is not just a case. It is a User Friendly case."

"It is not just a case. It is a User Friendly case." This is a direct quote from Addtronics web page, and quite frankly, I could not agree more. The 6890A full tower case is packed with nice features. This may not be a case for the average user, but gamers and hardcore tweakers are not the average user. If you are tired of fighting with your cheap case every time need to install a new hardware device, you will highly appreciate the 6890A full tower or one of its variants. Here is a list, a rather long one, of features you will find on the 6890A:


  • Slide-In/Out Motherboard Tray And Slot Bracket
  • Easy Installation, Testing, And Maintenance
  • Swing-Open Side Doors For Easy Access To Chassis For Easy Access And Maintenance.
  • Front Panel Removable Air Filter - Easy Clean
  • Fit Different Motherboard Size ATX, FULL Or BABY AT
  • Security Lock On Front Panel - No Unauthorized Opening.
  • Can Fit Different ATX Motherboards(Marl, Venus, Tucson,At...)
  • No Screw And Wire On Front Panel.
  • Ventilation Holes On The Front Panel Allows Cool Air To Enter, While Hot Air Exits Through Ventilation Holes On The Side Doors And Back Of The Case.
  • Optional Fans Are Available In Addition To The Power Supply Fan. Non-Screw Fan Bracket.
  • Clip-On Bezel No Screw & Wire
  • Washable Front Filter To Keep Dust Out oDrive Rails For Ease Of Drive Installation
  • Adjustable Height Base For Uneven Surfaces
  • Can Hold Up To 6 Fans(8X8cm 5, 9X9cm 1) For Maximum Ventilation
  • Locking Front Panel & Main Chassis For Security
  • Metal Shielding For All Exposed Drive Bays To Meet FCC Spec's
  • Top Cover Opens For Convenient Access To Drives
  • All Flanges Deburred For Safety
  • Clip-On Bezel No Screw & Wire
  • 94hb ABS Plastic Material
  • Zinc Plated Treatment S.E.C.C. Steel Sheeting
  • Screw In EMI Drive Bay Fillers
  • Meet FCC B Spec.
  • Power Supply: ATX, PII. Safety: UL/CSA/TUV/CE/CB/N/D/FI/S
  • Each Power Supply Pass Extra 30 Minutes Test On Our Factory, Very Very Low RMA Rate


Dimensions: 17.51"D x 8.27"W x 21.26"H
Motherboard Type: AT (BABY or FULL size), ATX (small to FULL size)
External 5" Drive Bays: 4
Internal 5" Drive Bays: 1
External 3" Drive Bays: 1
Internal 3" Drive Bays: 2
Power Supply: ATX, PS2
Cooling Fans Options: 5x 80mm, 1x92mm
Weight: 32 lb

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