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"The first interesting aspect of the 6890A is its support feet."

The first interesting aspect of the 6890A is its support feet. It comes by default with four plastic feet. But contrarily to most cases, the feet on this one are huge, 10cm of diameter instead of the usual 2~3 cm of diameter. A big massive screw holds the feet of the 6890A; this means that you can adjust the height of each foot individually to accommodate it on uneven floors.

Optional deluxe casters are available. They add mobility to the case and also increases it's stability.

Opening this case is so easy you would not believe it; you don't even need a screwdriver. You must first release the bezel (front panel). The bezel has a built in key lock to prevent unauthorized entries and is held by solid plastic pins.

You will then find four thumbscrews, two for each side panel. The side panels a held by hinges at the back of the case. So once their respective thumbscrews are loosening, you can open the side panels like doors. Once open over 45 you can pull them up to release them completely from the case, very smart and effective design.

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