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"The top panel can also be taken off but this time you will need a screwdriver."

The top panel can also be taken off but this time you will need a screwdriver. Four screws need to be removed before you can remove the top panel, two on the front and two on the back of the case.

The case in separated in three sections. The upper section contains the only external 3" drive bay in the front and an internal 5" drive bay in the back. This internal 5" drive bay may look odd at first sight. Could you name an internal 5" device? This is not very common nowadays. But after thinking about it, I think it's a good idea. This drive space is well ventilated by holes underneath and behind it. This make's it the perfect place to mount a hard drive (with an adapter) or a 5" cooling unit such as the TT900 from Just Cooler. Or you could use a 5" hard drive cooler such as the Ultimate Hard Drive Cooler from Vantec without loosing an external 5" drive bay. Finally, for you hardcore case tweakers out there, there is enough space around this drive bay to hack your own custom hard drive cooler.

In the middle section, you will find the power supply and three of the four external 5" drive bays. These three drive bays features some drive rails. Those drive rails are quite handy. You must install one rail on each side of each drive you want to place in those bays. Once this is done, you can slide your drives in and out of the case. Another advantage is that each drive requires only two screws to lock in place, and they are located in front of the case instead of each side. This means that you only need to remove one of the side panels to add or remove a drive and it's only to plug or unplug it. For those who use multiple cases, the drive rails makes it very easy to swap drives from one case to the next.

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