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"You can get the case without a power supply or with a 250W, 300Wor 400W power supply."

The two upper 5" drive bays have one 80mm fan on each side. Each fan has a plastic cage that holds it in place, no screws needed. Some ventilation holes are present on each side panel to let those fans breath. The problem is that when you install drives in those bays they block almost all the space where air should go through. You can see what I mean on the picture above. So if you use those fan cages I recommend to let at least one of the two drive bays empty to let air circulate, and those fans should be used as exhausts.

I don't know exactly who manufactures the power supply since it is remarked with an Addtronics sticker. But you can see there was another sticker there before. It features a ball bearing thermal controlled variable speed 80mm fan. Basically this means that the fan will usually run very quietly and will speed up only when needed. The power supply is widely open on the bottom to increase ventilation. It also features an on and off switch. Here are its specifications.

AC INPUT(50-60Hz) 115V~/ 7A 230V~/ 4A

DC OUTPUT +5V/ 30A +12V/ 9A -5V/ 0.3A -12V/ 0.5A +5VSB/ 1A +3.3V/ 14A

+5V & +3.3V Shall Not Exceed 180W Max Output Power: 300W

You can get the case without a power supply or with a 250W, 300Wor 400W power supply.

The lower section contain the system, the fourth external 5" drive bay (does not have drive rails), and a track over the CPU, which can accommodate a few different units. By default, these tracks hold a rack, which can hold two hard drives. But if you buy the case from Addtronics website, you can get an additional rack which can hold 3 hard drives or a fan rack which was introduced with the 6896 / 7896 models. This fan rack holds a 80mm fan, which can be rotate to point right at the CPU. Overclockers who require the lowest CPU temperature will appreciate this unique feature.

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