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Gen X Tech Athlon 850 O/C Combo

"Gen X Tech's headquarters are located in the heart of the wheat plains, Lawrence, Kansas."

Gen X Tech's headquarters are located in the heart of the wheat plains, Lawrence, Kansas. They have been kind enough to send me their 850mhz OC Athlon Combo for review. The full Athlon combo includes a White GTX 912 Server Case with 3 fans and a 300 watt Power Supply to feed your power hungry Athlon. The combo also includes an Asus K7-M Motherboard, and an Athlon 550mhz processor overclocked to 848mhz on a 106mhz bus cooled by a modified FKK 32.


Putting first things first, I'm going to talk about the GTX-912 Server Case that comes with this combo. This case has to cool a processor that is overclocked by an amazing 300 megahertz. That is simply insane, what people will do for speed, eh? Anyway, since this case has to cool such a hot processor it comes with 2 fans that are arranged to cool as much of your case as possible. You can put a 92mm or 120mm fan in the bottom right of the case if you think its running too hot. It also comes with an air duct over the CPU to suck as much heat away from your burning Athlon as possible. I would say that with 3 fans the only this case could use is a fan sucking air in from the outside.

Overall this case provides very good cooling and it has to, to keep this overclocked processor running stable. The GTX-912 Server case features a good clean internal design, as well as plenty of bays for your current and future needs. One feature that I'm not sure why they included it on this case is the ability to lock it. When was the last time your friends stole one of your graphics cards when you weren't looking? Its still a neat little feature and will help you sleep better at night knowing that your computer case is all locked up. The Power Supply, a 300 watt one from Sparkle Power International is beefed up enough to feed your greedy Athlon all it wants.

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