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Benwin BW2000 speakers

"Lately, LCD's, or flat panel monitors have been in the spotlight as the essential space saving..."

Lately, LCD's, or flat panel monitors have been in the spotlight as the essential space saving computer component. One key part that is constantly overlooked for space saving are the speakers. Most of today's speakers are built using the cone type design, which can be fairly large and can have a big desktop foot print. Now, with the introduction of a new type of speaker, the flat panel speaker, we can buy quality speakers that can be used to save space too. There are only a few makers of these flat panel speakers, among them is the company called Benwin. Benwin's latest in the flat panel speaker market is the BW2000 desktop speakers.

Using a completely new technology, these are one of the worlds first FLAT panel speakers. Here is an explanation of this technology from Benwin:

"Conventional speakers create sound by causing cone-shaped speakers to move in and out in a high-speed piston-like motion. Benwin speakers use an exciter disk mathematically positioned on the back of a flat surface. This exciter sends an electrical current through the flat panel, causing a complex series of vibrations in all planes over the entire panel. The Benwin speaker system includes a compact powered sub-woofer unit, which also incorporates the volume, tone and power controls and a headphone jack, to increase the definition of the bass sounds."

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