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Battlezone 2

"You can expect the plot to twist and turn right up to the final level..."

Space is a dark place, barely lit by the ever-present coronal glares of stars like our sun that inhabit and make up the universal populous. Planets and galaxies are seemingly so far apart that be their life on them or not, we could never hope to reach them. That would all be true if it weren't for the incident a few decades back where mankind discovered that other worldly life that could indeed reach us.

Since the war between man and organic machine the human race took an astounding leap forward and finally came together. Now propelled into the black of space, expanding and evolving together as time would pass. Then just as humanity started to sit back in its seat after the last war a new one is about to start. This would be a cold, dark and unforgiving war, a war like no other and one that would rage and rage until both sides stood on the brink of annihilation - this would be the Battlezone.

Remakes, remade again

Battlezone2 is the sequel to Battlezone that was the remake of the original arcade hit and took the PC gaming scene like no other since the emergence of Doom by ID Software. With battlezone we saw a whole new era of gameplay, a story driven mass of action, adventure and resource management akin to Command & Conquer. Graphically flawless for the time it was a game that told the story of war between man vs machine and the struggle to win against the creations of the mind.

Battlezone2 (bz2) sets itself several decades in the future where the ISDF (A universal space defence force) built from the conflicts between the super powers in the previous game are busy exploring the galaxy. Low and behold just as everything is going fine, all of a sudden you encounter a new race and guess what, they aren't very friendly. As you may have come accustomed to with previous Battlezone games, not everything is always what it seems and BZ2 is much the same. You can expect the plot to twist and turn right up to the final level, if you make it that far because BZ2 gets hard later on, very hard.

Unlike some sequels BZ2 isn't in theory all that different from the original, although in reality when you play it the differences are on a global scale. As well as a totally different graphics engine, sounds, models and story the gameplay has also changed to be more involving than the last one.

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