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"The best way to describe Battlezone2 is C&C in 3D mixed with some FreeSpace2 and add a dash of Quake3Arena."

Gameplay as good as it looks!

The best way to describe Battlezone2 is C&C in 3D mixed with some FreeSpace2 and add a dash of Quake3Arena. It's fluent, easy to understand and looks as good as the most sexy women you have ever seen, ever. The controls may at first seem a little daunting and perhaps could be easier to understand like the original. However thanks to the easy going structure of the missions you can quickly become accustomed to their every use and combination inside a few minutes.

The controls themselves are as smooth as newly polished windows, their response time might need a little increasing from the default but other than that we found them to be flawless. It's not just the controls that are clever and swanky smooth; it's also the AI (Artificial Intelligence) on enemies. Unlike the original where opponents would often just stand still and strafe a little while you pummelled them into oblivion, BZ2's opponents employ slightly more intelligent tactics. For a start the AI is highly dynamic, so no matter what tasks the evil behind them may set, that doesn't mean to say they won't break off and attack you when they feel like it.

They seemingly employ all the movements of their craft in order to circle around behind you and burn you into the ground with their fire. Hit them too much and they run away, don't hit them enough and they use the terrain to their advantage in order to evade and re-attack. Using tactics like backing off while firing, ramming, strafing and jump attacks among others certainly means that no firefight will be a quick one. We found it to be highly challenging yet not to the point of being so difficult as to take away the rewarding feel of dispatching another nasty.

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