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"The other big difference in gameplay is the increased focus in on-foot action..."

Is that a swamp or are we just in England?

Essentially all the basic elements of the original like building bases, escorting, exploring and guarding are back just as they were before. Lock onto a recycler and build a huge base to sustain and manufacture as many units as you may so need to win the war. The difference is that BZ2 takes those game elements and puts them into very different situations. Some missions you might find most of the play to be totally on foot, others can become just like a 3D version of C&C and some are just plain seek and destroy.

Unlike other games an escort mission is never an escort mission, as swiftly as the wind blows outside your house, so can the elements of any one level change in an instant. You might find the escort is broken off to investigate something else, or the escort is totally destroyed and your goal is to get home alive. Not to mention the fact that there can be anything from 2 to 15 or so different goals to complete in any one mission. Don't worry though as they don't arrive in bulk, as one goal is accomplished another forms and the story quite often takes yet another twist.

The other big difference in gameplay is the increased focus in on-foot action, or the way you step into a totally different world of gameplay outside of your ship. Once out you can go inside buildings, collect data, control all your units from a C&C style viewpoint and run into enemy bases unnoticed to take their main buildings out and then rush in with a full compliment of tanks. Such is the dynamics of play in Battlezone2 that your never stuck doing the same job for greater than a couple of minutes. As such the gameplay forms into a mesh of originality and fun (occasional frustration) that is perfectly combined, they got it right the first time and they got it perfect this time!

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