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"Models, buildings and the landscape itself are all perfectly textured with masses of detail."

My god it's full of stars!

As well as gameplay that'll keep you going longer than is healthy, you may come to find yourself equally lost in the lavishness of the world around you. With high-resolution 16Bit textures, realistic physics engine and about every 3D effect under the sun, BZ2 looks a billion dollars. From watery pools to huge trees with cascading branches that seem to reach far beyond your sight, BZ2 is truly next generation.

Models, buildings and the landscape itself are all perfectly textured with masses of detail. Gone are the more flat and barren landscapes found in the original and in come unique rock faces, trees, crumbling ridges, and all manor of worldly objects. From dark and barren moons with eerie blue light to bright and glistening swamps and tree paradises. BZ2 is next to Quake3Arena the most advanced 3D engine currently on the consumer market and it's worth every cent.

As you might expect, such a powerful engine exacts a heavy price on your hardware and this is no more so than with BZ2. If you want to run in 800*600 at 32Bit with everything on then your going to need at least an Athlon500 coupled with a TNT2-Ultra or GeForce card. You can scale down the settings so it'll work with lesser cards but then you'd be missing out.

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