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"...we highly recommend it and it receives yet another RARE top Speedy3D mark."

Sounds like trouble to me

Sound is another element in BZ2 that plays a crucial part in the gameplay, as the game is designed specifically to be as involving as possible. Loud ambient effects billow out and help make up the landscapes around you, brining them to life. From creatures screaming in the night to the noise of a large base clanking metal together, such is the environment you are thrust into.

3D sound is supported in A3D, DS3D and of course EAX as you might expect, this allows you to follow enemies as they track around you and gives you that extra edge before attacking. The sound is extremely high quality yet we did find that the fading was unrealistic for the environment and some odd bugs occured. As you left the noise of a base you could still hear it just as strong 100metres away and then it would just stop rather than fade, some sounds would also repeat endlessly for no reason like a record stuck on the same note. Next to that it was faultless.

The Verdict

Battlezone2 is a game that puts you strait into the action and then lets you go never wanting to leave. From the graphics to the intelligent and learning AI of you and your opponents, this game is virtually flawless. The sound system needs a little work and multiplayer can get a little laggy sometimes, this we are assured is being fixed.

If you don't like 3D Shooters of any kind then this is not likely to appeal to you, otherwise we highly recommend it and it receives yet another RARE top Speedy3D mark.

by Mark 'KILLZAT' Jackson

Graphics - 9 Sound - 8.5 Gameplay - 9.5 Originality - 8.5
Overall - 9 (90%)

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