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"Installation of the XT is remarkably easy."


Installation of the XT is remarkably easy. Providing the fact that your case is large enough to furnish the duel fan system, there is nothing more than screwing the two mounts in. Like the original Card Cooler, the XT doesn't take up any PCI slots making it painless to install. After making sure there are no cables in front or behind the cooler, you are ready to power on the computer.

Note the huge area that the fan covers.


Test System:

  • P3-600@800
  • Abit BF6 ( 440BX Chipset)
  • 128megs of Crucial PC133 SDRAM
  • Leadtek Geforce 2 GTS
  • 56x CD-Rom
  • Duel 8 gig HDD's

After two hours of idle time:

After two hours of distributed.net:

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