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"The Card Cooler XT packs incredible performance..."

After two hours of idle time:


After two hours of idle time:

After an hour of Quake3: Arena High Quality @ 1024x768x32:


  • Easy Installation
  • Great Performance
  • Low Cost
  • Huge Cooling Area


  • May not fit in some cases


The Card Cooler XT packs incredible performance, and with dual 120mm fans one can't be surprised. Being the first Card Cooler designed to cool your CPU as well, it shows an extraordinary 10c drop during heavy loads. While it still cools video cards well, dropping my Geforce2 temps by 5c. Its easy of installation, and great cooling makes this product a must have for all computer enthusiasts.

by Ross Johnson

Price - 9.0 Performance - 9.0 Overall - 9.0/10

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