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"This External modem doesnít require you to have much of anything."

This External modem doesnít require you to have much of anything. To start things off your going to need one of those powerful 386 computers(or better). If you still have a 386 spend your money on a better computer, before you get decent internet access speeds. Your powerful computer will also have to come with 16MB RAM(to run win9x you need 32mb). You are amazingly enough gonna need a CD-ROM drive to install the drivers. One available PCI slot(whatever that is for, hehe). Your Operating System can be any of the following: DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and above, OS/2, or Linux. Basically what Iím trying to say is that if your reading this article you can get this modem if you want it. It could work on a 286 though, hehe.

The price of this modem is a little high when compared to the competition. The price for the external modem is $120 and the price for the internal is $100. I felt that if the price was $20-40 lower on both modems then it would have received a 5 in this category. You should be able to find them a little cheaper if they are sold in retail stores. The Bundle comes is a drivers CD that has everything on it that you will need to get the modem working. The package also comes with 2 CD-ROMís to get you connected to the internet, AOL and CompuServe. They could have included something more useful like a K56 flex patch. The price is high, there is an average modem bundle, and for the high price you would expect a good software bundle. At least the drivers work good.

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