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"I decided not to gone in depth because it would be meaningless blabber."

Yes In all the tests I performed It worked. I could answer the phone, talk to someone for 8 seconds* and then hang-up and after a short delay, and begin surfing the net again. I was able to access my messages from different telephone number at any time. I tested all its features and they worked fine. I decided not to gone in depth because it would be meaningless blabber. So the answer to the question is Yes It Works! In fact it does everything they say it can do just fine. This is one of the few times a manufacturer did not over hype the product. I was unable to test the modem on a Linux Operating System so I cannot guarantee that it works but I am 99% sure that it will. It is also backed by a 5-year warranty so you donít have to worry about the modem breaking anytime soon and having to buy a new one.

There are some extra qualities about this modem besides Call Waiting that separate it from the rest of the 56k modems on the market. You can send and receive faxes (G3 compatible), which is nice if you want to do this but I would recommend a separate fax machine if you send and receive faxes often. I donít think there are many other modems that support this feature or any that are also G3 compatible. This also has its own built in answering machine. Besides that you can set up separate voice mailboxes, each with their own greeting and password. That is a nice feature if you live with a roommate or donít want everyone in the house listening to your messages. You can also access these messages from anywhere in the country. Also you need is a touch-tone phone (long distance charges may apply). Another great feature is that you can set it up so that you are automatically paged when you receive a new message. That way you can always respond promptly. Last, but no least, it has support for the Linux OS. This seems to be an emerging OS but itís not big enough to pose a threat to MS or Windows.

Is it worth it? Yes! Never miss a call and surf the net on one phone line! If you have one phone line and donít want to get two phone lines this is your answer! If you need the above I would definitely go for this modem! You can also miss messages and still know whoís through voice mail. Besides that you can send and receive faxes and this modem works with just about every OS out there! My final rating is 8.5 doses of 3D Speed!

by Kevin Perko

Price - 8.0 Performance - 9.0 Overall - 8.5

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