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"On a lighter note, DK does offer more than the usual frag infested deathmatch modes..."

Multiplayer, Multiplayer, that's all we ever hear!

If you put people in a set of cramped corridors (Episode1), gave them all guns and asked them to 'go kill everybody', then you might have an idea of what on-line play is like in DK. The weaponry in single player is destructive enough, add it into multiplayer and what you have is a game firmly aimed at the 'professional' crowd and easily racists against newcomers.

On a lighter note, DK does offer more than the usual frag infested deathmatch modes, there's also teamplay and CTF (Capture the Flag) frag infested modes =). In these modes the gameplay can be just as intriguing as single player because when you change levels, the environments change as well. One moment you could be lobbing a discus at a foe and the next it'd be 'Ion Blasters' to full!

The key selling point of DK in this area is its use of Co-Operative play, finally a game that takes the single player aspect and allows you to swap an AI sidekick for a real living player. This changes several elements inside the game itself but also makes for a much for fun and entertaining play experience. In fact we played through DK twice, once in single player and the other in Co-Op multiplayer, such is the level of fun to be had.

DK isn't likely to appeal to everybody; fans of Half-Life will simply look on while SOF (Soldier of Fortune) enthusiasts will take one look and sneer. DK is firmly aimed at those whom enjoy running around and mindlessly shooting things without a second thought. Deathmatchers from the likes of Quake3 and the original Quake are sure to find it mildly entertaining, we don't believe a real crowd exists for DK yet, needs one all of its own.

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