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"In this world of Quake3, Unreal Tournament and SOFs, DK tends to look a bit out of place."

Dated, yet well laid out

DKs graphics is one area that takes a bit of getting used to, there's a ton of cleverly developed and high detailed textures, however it's still a little dated. In this world of Quake3, Unreal Tournament and SOFs, DK tends to look a bit out of place. With the exception of Episdoe1, most of the game still manages to use modern hardware on an older engine very well; the extra polygon throughput can now be used in producing much larger outdoor areas without loss of speed.

At its core DK is still the poorest example of the 'Enhanced Quake2' engines use in the modern day world, with SOF being the best. As much as it tries to dominate in areas, it ends up being let down due to a lack of atmosphere. Higher quality textures could have been used, NPCs made part of the evolving plot/game and more work on the particle effects would have helped.

As a whole, DK simply doesn't match up to modern day games in terms of graphical quality; it's outdated and not much to look at. The good news is that it'll run on anything from a Voodoo1 to a GeForce2 and look just as swanky. That's a plus if you're living with an old system and want to try newer games, DK isn't exactly a processor load.

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