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"The musical soundtrack is extremely good..."

DR2's camera, while good, is unfortunately not as efficient or innovative than that of the incredible Ground Control. Though it is much better than Earth 2150's, I'll give it credit for that. There are multiple camera angles from ground zero all the way up to traditional top-down strategy style. There is also the free-look mode a la Quake, which can help you define your best angle of attack.


How does it sound?

Pretty darn good! The musical soundtrack is extremely good (though a little short), a combination of both vocal sounds and instrumental scores. Dark Reign 2 uses Directsound for its audio support; neither EAX nor A3D is supported. Unit and weapon sounds are fairly good, though not as realistic as those in Ground control.


Despite the inclusion of a swank new 3D engine, Dark Reign 2 plays much like any other RTS game on the market. The campaigns are strictly linear meaning you must complete one to move to the next. On top of that, there really isn't anything new to boast about. The missions are composed mostly of the usual rescue this person, or recover that relic, all basic stuff.

The major resource in the game is Taelon, odd looking Starcraft-ish crystals that protrude right out of the ground only to be snatched up by your collectors to be processed in your factory. All of your buildings and gun turrets need electrical power, supplied either by construction of an atomic generator, or though the use of solar collectors. Time of day also plays a small role in the game. Unit sight ranges, and solar collecting efficiency are both negatively effected at night, with the opposite being true for daytime.

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