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"...Dark Reign 2 is a game every hardcore RTS fan should not be without."

Despite not doing anything groundbreaking or new, what it does do, it does very well. Both sides are balanced quite nicely, with neither having a distinct advantage over the other. Don't expect Starcraft style uniqueness and balancing between either of the two races though. For each unit on one side there is a slightly similar counter unit on the other side. Unit path-finding and AI is atrocious, and brings back memories of C&C and Warcraft II. When telling a group of units to head from one place to the next, they seem to like to march in a single file line, and don't react to enemies firing on them until they've reached their destination, dead or alive. From what I've been told all this will be fixed in the upcoming patch, so let's hope.

In addition to the 20 campaign missions (10 for each side), Pandemic incorporated the usual instant action against the computer. Internet multiplayer is available over Won.net. Multiplayer modes include the usual Deathmatch in addition to; Capture the Flag, Blood Bath (my favorite), Co-operative, Control Freak and King of the Hill. Gameplay over Won.net was fast, and I could usually get a game going with a few other people in about 2 minutes.



Pandemic Studios' Dark Reign 2 is a game every hardcore RTS fan should not be without. Unfortunately this game is not for everyone, and poor AI in combination with unoriginal campaign missions prevents me from recommending it to everyone. But, if you are somebody who likes more of the same with a new 3D "twist", this game is for you.

by Ryan Wissman

Graphics - 9 Sound - 8 Gameplay - 7 Originality - 6
Overall - 8 (80%)

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