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"Just release the green switch and the motherboard slides out."

While some see concern for the "bloody knuckles" syndrome with all this shiny metal, Dell has done a somewhat decent job of making sure you don't slice up your silky smooth hands. As you can see, a lot of their edges (the center of the CD-ROM tray for example) are doubled over for smoothness.


Are there any improvements for modding? I guess it all depends on how much of a challenge you seek. Personally, I'd love to have such a case; with ease of use as well as having my "personal touch" added to it. There is room for a 80mm case fan in the front, but I'm sure anyone could easily cut more holes for airflow. One thing I thought of was having a warm video card because of the placement of the expansion cards. But with enough space for an 80mm fan in the front, air can blow freely through the PCI expansion cards and out the back (as long as you leave an expansion slot cover(s) empty to allow airflow to pass through). It seems like an excellent idea, if you get the proper airflow.

Easy as pie

Just release the green switch and the motherboard slides out. Actually, the green switch pulls the motherboard out of the expansion slot that it rests in. Then it's simply a matter of sliding the section out, which was easy to do and required practically no effort (which left me smiling). The section also has support for your longer PCI cards with the black plastic "rails". (Sorry guys no ISA support on this bad boy).

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