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"Gold plated [Rambus] just makes it seem nicer."

Here is the Dell Stamp of approval, along with the CPU air vent blowing the air outwards. There is only one fan and heat sink (you can see the fan on the case). Two RDRAM slots with gold plated RDRAM should be placed in the slots.

Here you see a new supportive Power Supply Standard with Dell's version of VRRAM BIOS, dealing with more integration with their chips.

The Accessibility

This feature would have to be one of the most supportive things I've ever seen in a case. If you look closely you can see the green arrow on the side of the case. When pushed it releases the power supply to be tilted up by 90degrees, to give you easy access to the RAM slots, CPU, power supply connection, or wire construction as you see in the two pictures above. It locks in a 45degree angle and also in a 90degree angle, giving you a hands free situation. Of course the power cord must be unplugged to be able to access this feature, ensuring all power is gone from the machine.

Another feature you can see here is the screw for the pivoting 31/2 internal hard drive bays. Simply remove the one screw and you can pivot the hard drives out for easy access to jumpers and connectors.

Gold plated just makes it seem nicer.

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