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"At first glance you might be thinking that Delta Force2 (DF2) is Delta Force but with new colours and a new GUI..."

It's hard to be a soldier

At first glance you might be thinking that Delta Force2 (DF2) is Delta Force but with new colours and a new GUI, but you'd be quite wrong. Essentially some of that is true but it's not until you are half way through the game that you realise the true scope and scale of what has changed. The controls are the same style as before with near perfect mouse movements and easy assignments for key configurations, but the game has many different methods of play.

In order to get the most out of it you have to play as though you were one of the squad in real life. Keeping low to the ground, taking out guards with close quarter knife engagements and stealthily planting bombs on the sides of boats and under tanks without being noticed. The AI could still do with some work, sometimes you can be standing right next to them out in the open and they won't even know your there, others they spot you without even raising your head and it can be frustrating.


It's not always your team though, I actually found the in ability to give you own squad better orders and their own lack of intelligence caused them to trigger the alarm numerous times in varying engagements. While you may crawl prone all the way right up to the guard post at a camp and spend time taking out one after another of the guards, your boys will rush in head long and unless you kill the snipers aiming at their heads then they die and so do you (without backup). It's all rather tedious at times, our advice is to keep your team back and wait until you yourself have taken the initial guards out. Call your squad in ONLY when it's as clear as it can be or you need a suicide team =)

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