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"Thankfully the new engine in DF2 has gone a long way to disguise the otherwise linear gameplay still present from the first game."

Kill and kill some more!

Despite the flaws in AI that still exist from the original, you will find DF2 still a very fun game to play although you do need some mental discipline to stop yourself running in guns blazing. That actually comes via way of you dieing a lot, like teaching a dog how to fetch a bone. The missions do vary and sometimes a guns blazing assault will actually achieve the desired result, but not often. Most of the time it's either an escort, attack or rescue mission and all of which end up like the original with you using the same style of gameplay for each. Namely run around and kill a lot of people or be sneaky and plant some bombs and then leg it.

Thankfully the new engine in DF2 has gone a long way to disguise the otherwise linear gameplay still present from the first game. You can use the blades of grass as cover to be ULTRA sneaky, swim underwater and plant charges on boats and general look open eyed at the very environments and terrain around you. From grassy hills to barren rolling deserts of dried land and small water holes, a little like Africa but not. You also get a few more guns and items, not that they actually do you any good as most will still stick to the weapons they used in the original. Still no silenced sniper like more modern armed forces are now using.

Despite the environments being much smoother, more complex, not blocky (in D3D) and in general being more realistic, it still felt like the original game but with a little extra bolted on. The gameplay is certainly challenging while at the same time being fun and allowing you the freedom to attack however you please. That freedom could also be the undoing for most people that will review this game as TO FREE and lacking restrictions to keep the gamer in-line. You really have to play it like it's a real world scenario.

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