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"You play a lovely looking damsel who instead of keeping makeup in her pocket has a preference to keeping inordinately long and sharp things there"

Drakan is a mythical world set in medieval times when Dragons were rumoured to swoop the highest mountains and guard the lands below. With but a single breath of fire, whole villages could be massacred and families separated, with such power it didn’t take long for it to be abused. Wars were fought, battles won and lost in the desperation to keep the world ruled by pure soled individuals. When the wars ended, one Dragon ‘Ahrok’ stood barely alive. He was hidden away deep beneath a temple in-case the evil should ever return to try once again to take our world back and so the game begins. You play a lovely looking damsel who instead of keeping makeup in her pocket has a preference to keeping inordinately long and sharp things there. Namely Swords, crossbows, health, fire spells, books and all sorts of useful items which most of the day-to-day people rarely bother with. After the dark army attacks and takes her brother, she manages to struggle back to her village, only to find everybody slaughtered and the rest taken hostage.

Drakan’s story is one that unfolds as you make progress into the game, you soon come to realise that the mighty evil of years past has returned to wreak havoc and vengeance once more. Since you’re the only one alive it puts you in the ‘fight for the world’ seat as so many other games do, accept Drakan is very different from anything you have played before. Not only do you have all the moves of lovely Lara, but you also have a sidekick that just happens to be a several ton Dragon who shoots fire out of his various orifices; an advantage if ever there was one. As you set on your way you soon find yourself talking to key game characters and swotting your enemies in half with swords, axes and all manor of long sharp weaponry that just keeps getting better and better the more you play. The controls are as smooth as Queen Amidalas Buttocks from StarWars, mainly revolving around a Quake style keyboard and mouse combination, which to many will already be second nature. The actual fighting consists of casting a large spell or direct hand to hand combat with the aforementioned items. You don’t have as much control over your sword as you may have had in Thief or DBTS, but it’s just as fun to play and you do have more control than some games like ‘Deathtrap Dungeon’, meaning feel free to chops some limbs and heads off, then push them around with your feet (yes you can do it!).


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