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"No sooner than you've got to your third away mission then you're at the final boss and ready to end the game..."

Elite Force never quite gets anything exactly right, the shoot-em-up style levels are often dull and the interactivity is just a step away from actually being of use. A more dynamic nature on both ends could have helped improve matters, although you can effect changes in the story line, but not to the degree Raven originally claimed.

For example, at the beginning some future team members could potentially die, yet this won't actually affect you that much (not on your team anymore/replaced). There are no obvious places where you could completely change the outcome of the game and believe us; we tried. Overall the gameplay is still fun, with just enough mix of interaction and shooting to keep you entertained to the very end.

It's a short life but somebody's got to live it

If Elite Force is anything to go by then regular Voyager episodes on TV should be very short with minimal ambition, which is where the game truly flops. Up until now the lack of deeper interactivity and more dynamic shooting fun has only been a slight hindrance, but the games length is of much greater concern.

Elite Force is so short that you wouldn't even have to be that good (Normal Level) to complete it within a single day. In that time you could also make room to explore just about every opening, strange room or corridor and still make time for the finale. The game Fakk2 comes to mind for the same reason, but at least Fakk2 was somewhat difficult in sections, not EF.

To put things in perspective, it's shorter than Fakk2 (physically and play wise) and just less than 1/3 the size of Half Life, making for a pretty limited all round experience. No sooner than you've got to your third away mission then you're at the final boss and ready to end the game, it's that short - not worth the money they're asking.

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