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"Multiplayer suffers from some of the same problems..."

Multiplayer suffers from some of the same problems, gameplay modes such as CTF, DM and Teamplay dominate, but there are very few maps to play on. The good news is Raven plan to release the source code and like Q3, allow mod makers to come up with their own ideas. Being StarTrek this means the possibilities are endless, yet generally multiplayer that comes with the game is short.

Whether you love or hate StarTrek, voyager is a must for anybody into FPS gaming, although the single player aspect is limited.

It's not quite Q3A is it?

Those with keener eyes and more probing thoughts will almost instantly notice several things. Lots of lower quality (not Q3A or even HalfLife in some places) textures, rare use of TRUE curved surfaces and poor/limited level design. In fact the only real reason Raven used the Q3A engine was because they already had it, although in it's current state the use of Unreal Technology or anything else might have been better - Soldier Of Fortune's engine!

You often find that even in cramped corridors the r_speeds (polygon count) shoot skywards, so far that you'd need a super computer just to stop the jerking. At the same time you'd find almost Quake2 quality textures and nothing else happening on screen, signs of an unfinished/un-refined product. In Q3A with everything on @ 32Bit - 1024*768 it's perfectly smooth on even the biggest levels, so why not EF and when there's nothing happening on screen?

The same goes for model quality, character texturing is slightly below that of HalfLife (FPS benchmark) and animation doesn't even come close to HL. People jerk around when they move; they don't flow across the floor like they should do. Obviously there are a few exceptions, aliens like species 8472 and some levels like the Juggernaught are much more detailed and impressive.

That aside and EF may not be ahead of its time or even close to the present, but it's still enough to keep you entertained and provide for a deeper atmosphere. Pity Q3A's merits weren't put into their full use, but then Q3A was never designed for single player.

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