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"...they stuck with the boring reference design issued by Nvidia."

Well all that is great, the real bread and butter of Elsa's drivers are the SmartRefresh and SmartResolution tabs. SmartRefresh is a nice utility that allows you to tweak your monitor's refresh rate, horizontal scan rate, and pixel clock. SmartResolution on the other hand will help you find your monitor's optimal refresh rate for whatever resolution and color-depth you would like, and ultimately store them so that you can easily revert to them whenever your desktop, or game, uses that resolution.


The board

By being the first to market with a GeForce 2 GTS, Elsa had to cut some corners. In doing so, they stuck with the boring reference design issued by Nvidia. On the board you'll find only a tiny heatsink/fan combo, 32MB of 6ns DDR SGRAM, and of course the processor smack dab in the middle. What you will not find however is the TV-Out most other GeForce2 cards come standard with; Elsa decided to leave that feature out so that they can charge you an extra $35 for the optional connector later.

Just like its older brother, this card fully supports hardware T&L (transform and lighting), and all the other bells and whistles that we have come to expect from the GeForce line of cards. The clock rate has been increased to 200/333 MHz, offering 800m pixels per second and up to 1.6giga texels per second. The only real notable new feature supported by the GeForce2 is per pixel shading, which from what I have seen, looks to be a really cool new feature. Let's just hope that developers will incorporate it into their upcoming games.

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