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Global Win YCC 802 Case

"...purchasing a case [is] an important decision that needs to be a thought out..."

Why such a weird name for a case? What is with YCC anyway? Here is the real story from our pal, Marc.

The founder of Globalwin used to live in NYC (New York City), and he was talking to a NYC friend who had seen his cases. GlobalWin's marketing department had wanted to call the cases Polymer Metallic Cases (PMC) but his NYC friend kept referring to them simply as, "Youse Computer Cases". So, GlobalWin just let the name stick, and created the acronym of YCC.

Given the fact that cases are such an important part of the computer, we have decided to evaluate the Global Win YCC 802 case. Everyone has a case, and they typically last 3-5 years, which is a lot longer than the hardware inside it. This makes purchasing a case an important decision that needs to be a thought out and informed one. This is the same case that 3DCOOL.COM uses for their Mid-Tower Tornado Case. The difference between these two cases is the price and that the tornado includes an extra 4 fans and 2 blowholes.

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