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"Moving my hardware from my old case to this one was relatively painless."


Moving my hardware from my old case to this one was relatively painless. Whilst all of my hardware installed fine, I had about 7 cuts on my hand. This surprised me since they claim that this case is hand-cutting free, which in my case was not true. On the other hand, the thumbscrews (see picture) are a very nice addition to this case, making screwing and unscrewing the exterior plates of the case easy.


Measurement: 501.5mm (D) x 195mm (W) x 454mm (H)
Three 5.25' exposed bay OEM and standard driver panels are convertible.
Two 3.5' exposed bays, five 3.5' hidden bays
Hand-cutting free (sort-of)
Full/Baby AT and ATX version M/. B.
Variation in ATX power supply wattage available
Interchangeable I/O shield and keep out zone are in compliance with Intel ATX 2.01 version


Global Win's Mid-Tower YCC 802 case measures in at 20 inches (D) by 8 inches (W) by 19 inches (H). This case features 3 5.25' bays, and 7 3.5' bays, which makes for a grand total of 10 bays. That should be plenty of bays for your current configuration and enough to house all future upgrades. It also supports many different motherboard standards that are, Full and Baby AT and ATX. The motherboard is easy to install and screw down, and you can use cool little thumbscrews if you wish. They are really for the outside of the case though, so you can easily screw off the outer panel. That gives you easy access to the inside of the case. The case give you a slide off panel that is a very good feature and a big plus for me since I'm always going inside the case. The possible cooling setup is not that great but acceptable for the average user. I covered how I did it in detail in the next section. This case also boasts a good clean internal design, which is a plus. On the other hand if you are looking for a Mac like case then this is definitely not for you. Last time I checked most PC cases were beige and this one continues that trend.

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