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"One of my main gripes is that I would have liked to have room for another exhaust fan."

Cooling Setup

One of my main gripes is that I would have liked to have room for another exhaust fan. I feel that it is very important to take air out of the case and bring air in. The case comes equipped with room for one exhaust fan, which is above the processor. At least they placed it in a good spot, and it's the right size.

I tried using 3DCOOL.COM's Super Duper Slot fan placed next to the video card to exhaust air. Unfortunately, despite being a great cooler, it uses a PCI Slot. I ended up using 3 Exhaust Fans, 2 back and a front one, 2 Hard Drive Fans, the Baycooler and Ultra Thin Exhauster. The 6 "case" fans don't count my video card and processor fans. My video card is using a Tennmax Cooler and my Pentium 2 processor is using a Peltier Cooler.


The Price of the Global Win YCC 802 Case is very competitive at $79 for a 250watt PS and $92 for the 300-watt version. That has earned with YCC 802 case a 9.0 rating for price. The Performance of this case was acceptable and that has earned it a slightly above average 8.5 rating. Overall the Global Win YCC 802 Case is a decent Mid-Tower Case for normal person that doesn't want to extreme overclock. It is also a good case considering this is Global Win's first entry into this market. Someone looking for a beige case at a good price that has easily removable panels should take a serious look at this offering.

by Kevin Perko

Price - 9.0 Performance - 8.0 Overall - 8.5

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